Should You Adopt Russian Bear Dog Puppy? A Quick Guide

Should You Adopt Russian Bear Dog Puppy? A Quick Guide

Maximum Dogs fanatics search for dog breeds that can not simplest make exact pets but also be capable of protecting their families in case of risk. The Russian endure dog can easily healthy the bill.

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Here are some fantastic data about the Russian bear dog that might clean all your doubts approximately this amazing breed.

The foundation of the Russian bear dog

The Russian bear dog is also known as the Caucasian shepherd.

This dog breed originates from the Caucasus Mountain location. It was stored in particular because of its ability to guard and shield the farmer’s animals within the environment.

The Caucasian bear dogs are a descendant breed of the pre-historic Molosser breed which became also kept to assist protect the natives and their farm animals from assaults. This became all because of the Russian endure canine courageous trait.

The Caucasian shepherd is likewise called the “Ovcharka” this means that sheepdog in Russian native language.

The physique and appearance of the Russian bear dog

The Russian endure dog will honestly strike you with its attractive appearance.

The Caucasian Ovcharka is popular among the Russians because of its stunning look. From Russia, the Russian endure canine moved into East of Germany in the latter years.

The fearless and trustworthy man or woman of this large breed will truly strike you at the first sight of it. It boasts of a terrific masculine physique that makes it’s on top of the list of the biggest dogs inside the Caucasian mountains.

The call of the Russian bear dog

The Russian endure dog is understood with the aid of many unique names. this may vary depending on where in the dog lives.

The dog is typically called the Russian endure canine or the Russian fear fighting dog. that is because it has an inclination of being protective of the people it loves.

now and again it is known as the Russian mountain canine or the Russian bear searching canine. different people name it the Caucasian Ovcharka that’s Russian for a sheepdog.

The Russian bear dog puppy is understood through any one of a kind names. this could vary relying on in which the dog lives.

The dog is normally known as the Russian bear dog or the Russian fear combating canine. that is as it has an inclination of being protecting of the human beings it loves.

every so often it is referred to as the Russian mountain canine or the Russian endure hunting canine. different human beings name it the Caucasian Ovcharka which is Russian for a sheepdog.

The Energy Of The Russian Bear Dog

The Russian bear dog is popular because of its terrific electricity and the power it possesses. this is the only cause why the Russian bear canine changed into used as a sheepdog.

The name itself indicates that this specific canine breed had the capabilities to combat with the huge mountain bears and wolves. they’d sharp teeth that could effortlessly tear the fur or pores and skin of any predators.

Environmental situations of the Russian endure dog
not like different dog breeds, the Russian bear dog can be able to stay below any weather or environmental conditions.

The Caucasian undergo dog is in the main kept for business functions. security firms see the capacity on this fierce dog therefore in this modern age, the Russian bear dog is generally educated to assist behavior searches and enhance the security of such locations.

the size of the Russian undergo canine

The Russian endure canine receives its name because of its huge tremendous size.

It has a muscular appearance and is very huge. this is the cause why it’s miles likened to a undergo hence the call the Russian endure dog.

one of the maximum putting features of this Russian bear canine is the combination of its top and weight on the way to go away you awestruck.

the weight of the Russian endure canine

This particular canine species is bigger as compared to the common canine.

The girl Russian endure dogs have a tendency to be plenty smaller as compared to their male counterparts.

On average, a male Russian bear dog weighs as a minimum one hundred ten kilos, an equivalent of 50 kgs. A female one weighs about 99 kilos, which interprets to approximately forty-five kgs.

The peak of the Russian dog

The Caucasian ovcharka or the Russian undergo dog’s top variety somewhere in among 28-30 inches.

A male Russian endure canine is about 27 inches tall in height, even as its woman counterpart is at the least 25 inches tall.

this means that on average, the height of a Russian undergo canine is approximately among 26-28 inches.


those exceptional species are available a huge variety of colors. you may get yourself a Russian bear dog that has your chosen fur shade.

they come in white, black, grey, fawn, creamy and purple-brown rust-like color. maximum popular one is the white one because it seems very lovable and furry.

moreover, while you get to interact with this canine, you’ll be aware that it has a very thick coat that is also pretty fluffy and warm. This makes it a totally first-rate pet to cuddle.

a few species of the Caucasian shepherd have lengthy fur coats even as others have brief fur. you can get one depending on your choice.

in case you pick out the only that has lengthy fur then you definately must groom it greater frequently as compared to the ones with shorter fur hairs. commonly, you’ll want to comb and comb it regularly in order to keep the feel of the coat.

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